Digital Agency or Web Developers?

Ultrahaus does not fit into a neat little box, which is what makes us special. We are a team with entrepreneurial DNA, a wealth of experience in the digital environment and extreme versatility to develop all kinds of projects.

We work in a unique way, focusing on and dedicating ourselves to a few customers at a time. As a result, we engage in every project as if it was our own, going beyond creating beautiful user interfaces or modern programming.

With an agile and lean methodology, we understand each business model, helping clients in the evolution of ideas and project development. We believe in simplifying the technology used. Our goal is to provide quick and effective solutions that require small investments and to meet the expectations of your customers.

With over 13 years developing projects for more than 200 companies, the team at Ultrahaus has the experience and knowledge that your company needs to turn your idea into a successful product in the digital environment.

  • 2003

    Founded in 2003 to invigorate an advertising market that was still learning how to deal with the digital environment, Ultrahaus has served as a digital producer for the largest communication agencies in Brazil. We have produced online campaigns for some of the most revered brands in the world.
  • 2009

    With the experience gained from working with these agencies, we started giving direct support to marketing departments of franchises and small and medium-sized businesses, providing economical solutions in digital communications and operational autonomy for these clients.
  • 2012

    In 2012, we dived into the world of startups. It was the right time and place, as the world began to thrive along with the boom of digital entrepreneurship. At that point, we began to take advantage of all our knowledge in communication and technology projects to help these new entrepreneurs develop their ideas into a sustainable digital business model.

Consulting for startups ended up being a turning point for Ultrahaus. We focus our efforts on helping digital entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of their projects, working on the development of strategies, planning and management in the pursuit of strengthening these ideas.


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