Innovation Studio

Transforming great ideas into extraordinary projects.

With our expertise in technology and experience in the business world, we are able to find the best way to build fantastic, profitable initiatives that make a difference in people’s lives.

Discovering. Design. Development.

With over 13 years developing projects for more than 200 companies, the team at Ultrahaus has the experience and knowledge that your company needs to turn your idea into a successful product in the digital environment.

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We are a passionate team with entrepreneurial DNA, a wealth of experience in the digital environment and extreme flexibility to develop all kinds of projects.


  • Christina Carvalho Pinto

    We have worked for several years with Ultrahaus and we were always very well taken care of. Quality, promptness, fair price and collaborative attitude are part of Rafael Miranda and Ultrahaus' spirit. I recommend it!

    Christina Carvalho Pinto
    President of Full Jazz Group
  • Bartholomeu Cruz

    Working with Ultrahaus' team means knowing that job will be done. In a sector riddled with problems, they are extremely professional and deliver high-quality work and results!

    Bartholomeu Cruz
  • Denis Santini

    We have been client since Ultrahaus' foundation in 2003, I believe one of the first, and even today, when I need services related to Internet, digital and technology, it is Ultrahaus who is our partner.

    Competent, partner and mainly loyal. I recommend Ultrahaus to anyone who needs these services.

    Denis Santini
    Founder and CEO of MD Group, 1st communication group specialized in franchise of Brasil
  • Fernando Goulart
    Ultrahaus was an important key to the successful launch of Social Comics. The incredible team, fair rates, precise deadlines and high-quality work is what distinguishes them, making them key partners for any startup around the world.
    Fernando Goulart
  • Marc Lahoud
    Ultrahaus' team is composed of multidisciplinary professionals with a tremendous entrepreneurial profile and vast knowledge in technology and business models..
    Marc Lahoud